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Welcome to the brand new blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog!


I haven't posted in a while, but for good reason. My blog was undergoing a complete redesign. I'm happy to report that it's now ready for the world, as are my new portfolio, Twitter and Facebook pages.

I hired a fantastic design firm  to overhaul the look of all my online materials. I needed to make everything work together visually and as a writer (and not a designer) I knew I didn't have the chops to make it all it could be. Thankfully, Jen Thomas and her team at The Beauty Shop did.  I'd been checking out their work for about six months and saving my pennies for the day when I'd be able to hire a design professional to do the branding work my business needed to put forth its best image.

I'm over the moon with the way that it turned out, and I hope you feel the same way. Let me know what you think of the changes!

Special thanks, also, to Danielle Finney of DFinney Photography + Design for the lovely head shots.

Here's to the fantastic independent creative professionals who make our worlds, our words and our work more awesome.

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