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Seven Years Later, It's Still Going Strong

HHR GREEN HEC SAS_LR It's hard to believe, but this custom publication has come out with a new edition every single year for the past seven years — hard  because many would assert that the subject matter is no longer as hot and trendy as it once was.

Seven years ago, going "green" was all the rage. Everyone everywhere wanted to learn the secrets to living a more sustainable, eco-friendly life. Major national and regional magazines ran cover stories and even special sections on the topic.

Since then, the green "trend" has tipped. It's no longer the next big thing. But I'm happy to report that, as evidenced by the rise in green-living coverage by such awesome sites as treehugger.com (one of the O.G.s of the eco-lifestyle) and The Daily Green as well as myriad new home decorating, building, remodeling and other lifestyle books, blogs, articles and multimedia on the subject, real interest in living a more sustainable life has grown steadily and reliably.

The effort to "go green" has not gone the way of the Atkins Diet. That's good news, considering it's a crucial solution to some of the most pressing problems facing our world today.

This month, one of my Keystone Clients, Hawaii Home + Remodeling magazine, released the 7th edition of Green Hawaii: A 32-Page Guide to Living a Greener Life. I served as writer and project manager for the sixth year and am so happy with the way it turned out. Talented illustrator Michael Byers and designer Kristin Lipman of Pacific Basin Communications really brought the ideas to life.

Even if you're miles away from the Aloha State, you'll find valuable info in this guide. I always do. In fact, some of the research I've done for this piece over the years has literally changed my life. Celebrate the last day of Earth Month with a quick read and get inspired to take your commitment to healthy, whole living into May, June and beyond.

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