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A Cool Hawaii Moment

A Cool Hawaii Moment

I've been going through my archives searching for photos of our anniversary and Isaac's first year for a couple of recent posts. During one of my searches, I found this photo collection from our time in Hawaii and thought I'd share it. 

I think this was around 2011 and my father-in-law and his wife were visiting us. We were walking through Waikiki on a Sunday night and happened to look over and see a group of kids jumping off of a pier into the ocean. They were sort of doing all these freestyle moves and it looked incredible. I used a rapid-fire setting on my camera to try to catch them midair, and some of the shots actually turned out pretty well! Here are some of my favorites. 


I think I'd hold my nose, too. 


I can't remember whether or not he was attempting to dive, but in any case, going in at this angle is bold (in my book). 


He took the straightforward approach. Seeing the person in the water below gives an idea of how far up their jumping-off point was. 


One of my favorites: This guy really wanted to be like the big kids. He looks a bit daunted (and cold) here, but ...


What a difference a few seconds makes! He went for it. I was so impressed. 

IMG_2368 (2).jpg

Total freefall ... and probably having so much fun! He went back at least five times after. 

When was the last time you stumbled upon something awesome? Did you document it? 

Try this simple word swap to take back your day.

Try this simple word swap to take back your day.

Isaac's First Year!

Isaac's First Year!