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Packing List: What I'm Taking to Scandinavia

Packing List: What I'm Taking to Scandinavia

Friends, there's more than a little bit of excitement in the air this week. In just a few days, Jason and I will be leaving for our (hopefully) annual trip abroad! This year, we're going to Sweden and Denmark, and I can't wait to leave our sunny California climes and get into real, robust winter weather. Call me crazy, but every once in a while, I need a break from heat, light and stimulation. (not to mention work and general life-management stress). So a trip to Scandinavia in the off-season feels like the perfect cooling, calming antidote. 

I hate packing so much, which is an odd thing for someone obsessed with wardrobe editing and curation to admit. I think it's because, for me, it involves a lot of pre-planning when I really just want to get to where I'm going. But really, should I be complaining about this when I'm so lucky to be able to head off on this adventure with my special someone? OF COURSE NOT. Done ruminating now, and onto the list. Here's what I'm bringing: 

1. My Backpack


Instead of a rollerboard suitcase, I'm opting for this pack, which I normally use for backpacking and camping trips. Jason is carrying his, too, and we hope they will prove to be more convenient when walking from the airport to the train station to our Air BnB. 

2. Hiking Boots


We anticipate it being really cold where we are, so I wanted to go with something all-purpose and weather-resistant. I bought these waterproof boots from Vasque in 2014 for our trip to Patagonia and I'm still wearing them! Between the winter hikes, city sightseeing and Fika we'll be partaking in, I think these standbys will serve me well. (P.S.: These boots come with brown laces, which I switched out almost immediately after buying them.) 

3. A Down Jacket + Vest


The Thermoball line from The North Face is awesome for travel because each piece collapses in on itself and compresses into a tiny bag (roughly the size of a makeup case) you can stash into your suitcase or backpack. I've owned this down jacket for five years and a vest similar to it, and it's still true love. 

4. Warm Boot Socks

wool socks.jpg

I ordered four pairs of a similar sock to these, to wear underneath my boots. The Danish concept of Hygge (coziness, basically) is all the rage right now, and rightly so. What better way to ensure maximum comfort in the cold (both inside and outside) than with comfy footwear? Note: Hiking boots are tricky to wear with jeans or pants, so my solution is to go with skinny jeans and roll them at the bottom. Pair the jeans and boots with some cute, colorful socks like these peeking out, and you're one step closer to looking great in your functional gear.

5. Lightweight long-sleeve tops.


I picked up a few of these long-sleeve crew neck tops and turtlenecks from Everlane in neutral colors, and plan to layer them under my vest and coat. They're very tissue-feeling, so a nice weight against my skin (and thin enough to not make me feel too tightly bundled when I add the aforementioned outer layers).

6. More Basics

Two pairs of my favorite jean.
High-heeled boots, this sweater and necklace for date night.
This fleece jacket to wear inside and this rain jacket, just in case.
A black beanie and this brimmed hat to alternate during the day. 

Tip: When backpacking, I like to keep clothes, undies and toiletries separate and maximize space by packing them in these compression sacks. I pack an empty compression sack to keep my dirty clothes separate from clean clothes, too. 

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