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Sweden: Halmstad

Sweden: Halmstad

We spent day 2 closer to Halmstad. (After an urban adventure the day before, we were ready for some rural atmosphere.) I'm so glad we decided to take a winter hike to Danska Fall (just outside town) in the morning, as it became one of the highlights of our entire trip.

The weather was brisk and the frost cover incredible (again). The falls themselves were very dirty this time of year, and although still pretty and peaceful, not exactly blog-worthy. What did completely blow us away visually was the verdant, moss-covered forest just beyond the falls. We stumbled upon some of the tallest, most gorgeous trees we'd ever seen (see the opening image of this post for scale), with some of the some of the eeriest light peeking through them. It was breathtaking. Here are some more shots, as well as a few other memorable moments from the town, and the day:


This view felt like something straight out of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The real reason for the frost cover being preserved just beyond these trees had everything to do with sun exposure. But I could have sworn, despite science, that I was looking through some sort of doorway to winter. 


Another shot of these trees, because they were magnificent. 


Later in the day, we had lunch, coffee and a pastry across the street from the Halmstad City Library. It's an architectural marvel, and no wonder: Isn't it stunning? 


After lunch, we took a walk along the Nissan River, and saw more of the town. 


We happened upon a 30-foot (or so) statue by Pablo Picasso. 


We ended our day by walking the grounds of Snostorps Kyrka (Snostorps Church). The hexagonal shape makes it unusual and iconic for the area. 

What mid-size towns have you fallen in love with? Did you stumble upon any can't-miss attractions? 

Denmark: Copenhagen

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