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I'm so glad you're here. I’m a full-time writer, and this blog is about exploring the ins and outs of making words for a living. I started it because I’m continually searching for new ways to improve my writing, grow my business and squeeze more productivity out of every workday. And I’m looking for others to chat with about it.

If those are your goals, too, you’ve found a new online home. Whether you employ a small staff, work for a large company or are a one-person operation; whether you’re an illustrator, a fellow scribe, a PR professional or a wood worker, there’s something here for you.

As a former regional magazine editor and freelance writer, I've specialized in lifestyle and custom-publishing features. I've told real and relevant stories about interesting and inspiring people, food, fitness and fashion trends and goings-on about town. Right now, I spend my workdays penning prose as senior copywriter for this innovative company. And I get paid for doing what I love. Let me tell you, it’s amazing!

By day, I work in a dynamic co-working space in Irvine, CA. By night and on the weekends, I pursue my own creative work (which includes this blog) under the name Sabra Morris Media. My husband, Jason, provides moral support. My dogs, George and Patty, are my constant companions. (They hang around to make sure I take a walk break and I pay them in treats. So far, workplace morale remains high for everyone.)

So, we should hang out.

Are you contemplating going out on your own, or changing your career path entirely? Are you considering joining a creative team after years of freelancing? Are you an experienced writer with knowledge to impart, or a weekend warrior pursuing a passion project? Whatever your goal, join me here to ponder, celebrate and live A Writer's Life.

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