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Three New Home Décor Websites

Three New Home Décor Websites

Can I just take a minute? 

I work in marketing, which is really fun. But it's also a very metrics-based field. Because I work for a global company and our analysts are largely overseas, analytics and sales reports from the previous day's creative campaigns come in overnight. Every night. 

That means, on any given morning (including Saturdays and Sundays), if I check my work email first thing, I'll be met with metrics. The emails usually say something like, "Hello, please see attached daily sales report for [insert date].

But unfortunately, I often read those reports as, "Good morning. Please review yesterday's stats, which will provide you a good idea of how ________ (Successful / Unsuccessful) your efforts were yesterday, and how generally ________ (Good / Not Good) you are at your job."

Mmmmkay, so I'm just going to hit pause on that for a second, because it occurred to me that:

a) Metrics are important (and addicting!) but they aren't everything. 
b) No one wrote that inner monologue for me. I did, so I need to work on un-writing it (and not checking my email so early).
c) The other thing (and something I know I need to do my job well) is creative satisfaction — being able to look at something you made and feel just really proud of it. 

So today, I want to focus on option c and just celebrate some wonderful projects I've been lucky enough to work on with some fabulous creative people this year. Specifically, I'm talking about three beautiful, inspiring new home décor sites for people who love certain styles. Here they are, in no particular order:

For the Midcentury Modern enthusiast check out Atomic Ranch. (Facebook | Insta)

For the lover of contemporary Romantic style (think updated French Country and comfort-forward), head to Romantic Homes. (Side note, the new Editor / Brand Leader of Romantic Homes is none other than Courtney Allison of The French Country Cottage.) We are so proud! (Facebook | Insta). 

For a fresh spin on Cottage Style, check out Cottages and Bungalows. (Facebook | Insta)

I hope you find something to inspire and delight you. 

(Oh, and watch my Instagram all weekend long: I'll be in Palm Springs for Modernism Week with the awesome Atomic Ranch crew.) 

What are your favorite home décor and design sites? Tell me all about it in the comments! 

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