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A Colorful Palm Springs Home

A Colorful Palm Springs Home

By far, one of the best parts of my job is touring inspiring homes. At this year's Modernism Week event in Palm Springs, I was fortunate enough to help facilitate a tour of this wonderful gem on behalf of the Atomic Ranch team. I loved everything about this place, from the extensive Charley Harper treasure trove to the homeowners' passion for animals (especially cats), and collecting. The love, care and curation was on display in every room. Here are some highlights:


This home is almost completely refurbished with much of the original design intact. The front facade features a slanted roofline and stucco pattern in keeping with the theme architect Jack Meiselman created. 


Best. House numbers. Ever. Amiright? 

I love how the homeowners kept the walls and ceiling mostly white, choosing to highlight their extensive Harper collection with colored accent walls. Cool fact: The speakers on either side of the TV are originals (read: from the actual Midcentury). By the time the homeowner got ahold of them, the screens were scratched and marled to death by pets. So they found the only one of two vintage speaker fabric makers in the country and refurbished the fronts. Now, that's dedication. 

Also: How much do you love that cat pillow? 


A pristine burst clock. Look at the wood inlay detail on each arm. 


There were lovely little vignettes around every corner. 


Like this little fountain underneath a sweet little lemon tree. 


Back inside, more Charley Harper in the office. 


Finally, an entryway vignette with yet another gorgeous mid mod restoration piece. This couple loves color and knows just how to mix vibrant hues with neutrals. 

This home and its owners were seriously wonderful. If you love this look, be sure to check out Atomic Ranch's interview with the couple and their lifelong pursuit of collecting Charley Harper prints. 

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